Brendan is a scriptwriter for the popular science YouTube channels SciShow and SciShow Space, where videos he has written have garnered well over sixty million cumulative views. The episodes have been on a huge range of topics, from biology to fundamental physics and from general curiosities to breaking news. On this page, you can find all of his videos in one place, starting with a few favorites:

How Close Can You Get To The Sun? — An episode about, well, how close you could get to the Sun—first as an astronaut in a spacesuit, then in a ship.

The Hunt for the Highest Melting Point — What materials have the highest melting points? What about the lowest? What makes all the difference?

The Kugelblitz: A Black Hole Made Out Of Light — Einstein’s most famous equation allows for the creation of black holes made purely of light, as long as physics keeps working at the Planck temperature.

Zeroing in On Dark Matter — The history of physics is full of null results that rarely get much publicity. The LUX experiment’s null dark matter result was a great time to spread the message that null results are just as important as famous discoveries.

The Sorry State of Dark Matter Alternatives — Everyone who learns about dark matter has the same first thought: Why can’t we just change gravity to work without a bunch of imaginary stuff? Well, we’ve tried. And we’ve failed.

Will the Periodic Table Ever Be Complete? — With every element up to number 118 officially having been created, the periodic table looks pretty full. But a full table doesn’t mean a complete one.

Why the Weak Nuclear Force Ruins Everything — The weak nuclear force isn’t just the thing that makes radioactivity possible. It’s so much more of a pain than that.

The Horrible Reason Rolly Pollies are Sometimes Blue — Apparently, rolly pollies are sometimes blue. And apparently, that means they’re dying.

Here is a full list of all videos Brendan has written, in reverse chronological order. Each asterisk indicates 1 million views.

Carbon On The Moon Hints That It Didn’t Form Like We ThoughtHow to Study String Theory Using X-RaysDoes Mars Need “The Cloud”?5 of the Best Measurements in Science
Astronomers Captured Our Sun in the Highest Resolution EverYour Head Might Be On SidewaysThe Ridiculous Reasons It’s Hard To Measure Sea LevelWhy Does Cold Weather Kill Your Phone?
Countershading: Why Do Penguins Wear Tuxedos?How Studying Animals Is Helping Us Make Better Drones5 Ways Antarctica Is the Place To Study SpaceDanakil Depression: Hotter Than Death Valley | Weird Places
To Study Ancient Humans, Archaeologists Are Using … What?!5 Measurements You Might Not Realize Are Named After ScientistsThe Tiny Experiment That Transformed PhysicsAre Electric Cars Really More Environmentally Friendly?
From Lifesaver Sparks to Life-Saving Tech: The Science of TriboluminescenceHow Cosmic Rays and Balloons Started Particle PhysicsThe (Arguably) Most Important Instrument in PhysicsA Surprisingly Simple Secret to Supersonic Flight
This Tank of Water Could Change Physics ForeverHow Long Can Humans Outrun Extinction?Why Astronomy Hasn’t Really Changed Since the 1900sThe Horrible Reason Rolly Pollies are Sometimes Blue
Giant Stars Don’t Follow the RulesWhy Bladeless Fans Are A Lie *Why is the Freezer Harder to Open The Second Time?5 Amazing Feats of Animal Engineering
The Quietest, Oldest, and Magnetic-iest Science of 20185 More Strange Flying MachinesWhy Real Avalanches Aren’t Like CartoonsHow Do Fabric Brighteners Work?
3 Weird, Real Ways We Could Fix Icy RoadsTake a Ride on the Interplanetary Superhighway5 Bizarre Aircraft that Pushed the Boundaries of EngineeringThe Sorry State of Dark Matter Alternatives
Why the Weak Nuclear Force Ruins EverythingThe Milky Way May Have a Disk of Black HolesIs There A Safe Way to Use Your Phone and Drive?How Do Polarized Sunglasses Work?
How U.S. Airports Might Revamp Security… Using Game TheoryThe Moon May Have Once Been Habitable!How Quarks Fixed the Mess That Was Particle PhysicsWe May Have Just Found the Universe’s Missing Matter
5 Creepy Weather Phenomena That Shouldn’t Be Allowed *Why Do Wet Floors Slip, But Wet Clothes Stick?Why Does The Sky Turn Green Before Tornadoes?Volcanic Lightning: Because Exploding Mountains Aren’t Bad Enough
The New Gel That Regrows BrainsIf there’s Acid Rain, Is There Basic Rain?Why Can’t Scientists Predict the Kilauea Eruption?A New Origin Story for Mars’s Moons
Why Is It So Hard to Fix Traffic?Blitzars: Neutron Stars Just Keep Getting WeirderHow a Frozen Earth Gave the Moon Its ShapeHow a Blizzard Creates Thundersnow
We’re Getting Closer to Real-Life TricordersA New Way to Move Tiny Spacecraft | Electrospray Propulsion6 Weird Units of Measurement We’re Still Using for Some ReasonSalted Nukes: An Even More Dangerous Bomb *
There’s Clean (Frozen) Water on Mars!The 7 Coolest Active Space ProbesThe Science Behind Football’s First-Down LineHow Do Chips Make Credit Cards More Secure?
Why Don’t Fire Hydrants Freeze and Explode?The First Results on the Interstellar Asteroid!How to Make Plasma in Your Microwave … With a GrapeAn Asteroid Visited Us From Outside the Solar System!
How Would We Stop a Nuclear Missile?Why Does the Earth’s Magnetic Field Keep Flipping?The Fiery, Pitch-Black, Egg PlanetWhy Does the Wind Howl So Creepily?
How To Stop Getting Zapped By StaticWould Aliens Be Able To See Earth?Why Don’t We Throw Trash in Volcanoes? *How Can It Be Too Hot To Fly?
A Better Way to Study Earth, and Lessons From Jellyfish GalaxiesWhy Can’t Dogs Eat Chocolate?Why Is the Perfect Shower Temperature So Hard To Find?Sharknado Reloaded: Yep, Still Impossible
Why Are Belly Flops So Painful?The Fog That Killed 12,000 PeopleWhy Do Cat Eyes Glow in the Dark?Can Plants Get Sunburned?
3 Ways Your Sun Protection Can Backfire
What Does SPF Mean?The Mysterious Origins of Our Galaxy’s Fastest StarsIs Premium Gasoline Really Better for Your Car?The Truth About the Sun’s ‘Twin’ and the Dinosaurs
How Studying Venus Saved EarthWhat We (Don’t) Know About Dark Matter5D, Holograms, & DNA: Amazing Hard Drives of the Future3D Printing Moon Bricks for a Moon Base
Why Is the Ocean Blue?Cassini’s Dangerous Dives Through Saturn’s RingsHow Are Search Engines So Fast?What Happens If A Plane Gets Struck By Lightning?
The Data Explosion | The History of the Internet, Part 3An Earth-Sized Telescope Just Snapped Two PicturesThe Coming Robot SwarmsSpaceX Reused a Rocket!
How the Web Became a Thing | The History of the Internet, Part 2Enceladus’s Super-Thin IceSpaceX Is Sending People to the Moon!There’s Going to be a New Star in the Sky
How The Internet Was Invented | The History of the Internet, Part 1The Sun’s So Bright, It’s Spinning SlowerIs Public Wi-Fi Safe?6 Construction Failures, and What We Learned From Them * *
Who Really Invented the Radio?Does the Camera Really Add Ten Pounds?What Happens to an Email After You Click “Send”?Two New NASA Missions!
8 Lesser-Known, Useful ElementsThe Strange Case of the Himiko BlobThe Strongest Acids in the World *5 Baffling Mysteries About the Universe * *
How Do I Make My Batteries Last Longer?8 Mind-Blowing Optical IllusionsAre Aliens Signaling Us?New Dwarf Planet (Maybe) Discovered
Skylab: The First Americans Living in SpaceThe Bernoullis: When Math is the Family BusinessWhy Does Virtual Reality Make Me Sick?The Oldest Fossils Ever Found!
Will the Periodic Table Ever Be Complete?Does Deep Space Cause Heart Disease?Zeroing in On Dark MatterProject Mercury: The First Americans in Space
The First-Ever Moon LandingSatellite Death RattleJuno at Jupiter!The Kugelblitz: A Black Hole Made Out Of Light *
The Impossibly Huge Quasar GroupA Dying Hot Jupiter and the Birth of Carbon PlanetsThe Arizona Fireball and Planet Nine’s OriginsThe Science of Sunbeams
10 Surprising Chemicals Your Body MakesRadioactive Iron Rain!Space Robots that HopThe Trouble With Colonizing Mars
Setting Spaceships on FireWhy Do We Have Leap Years?Colonizing Venus With Giant BalloonsPlanet 9 From Outer Space
The Hunt for the Highest Melting Point * *How Close Can You Get To The Sun?Diving Into The Sun!Using Sunlight to Propel Spaceships
Understanding the Most Extreme Numbers in the Universe