Brendan Cole is a science communicator and live educator who has worked as an educator at the Museum of Science, Boston, and as a scriptwriter for SciShow and SciShow Space. Previously, he was the 2016 AAAS Mass Media Fellow at Wired and a staff writer for ScienceAlert. Across a hundreds of written works and a thousand presentations to live audiences, Brendan has taught about seemingly everything, from quasars to countershading to liquid nitrogen to spontaneously combusting poop. He has also engaged audiences of all sizes and ages, from small school groups to hundreds of families to thousands of readers to millions of viewers.

Brendan comes to science communication with a master’s degree in physics from Wesleyan University, where he conducted research in experimental fluid dynamics. While completing his thesis and writing for multiple popular science outlets, he found time to spend one Friday night making beautiful Excel spreadsheets out of his iTunes listening history.

There were graphs.

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