The Unbroken Thread

Knight -> Fox

Knight to heat to sweaty everything to white knights to countershading to lard insects to lowering viscosity to arctic fox.

Chin -> Penguin

Chin to evolution to an impressively bad pun to blizzards to the square-cube law to Emperor Penguins to overheating in the Antarctic winter.

Yard -> Yacht

Yard to outstretched arms to muscles that pull to wind that lifts to yachts.

Egg -> Ladybug

False starts to eggs to startling strength to startling ostriches to bridges to tension to compression to paper airplanes to avoiding engineering arguments to avoiding fluid dynamics arguments to ladybug.

Blueprint -> Drip

Blueprint to the square-cube law to exploding elephant-sized mice to pencil-legged giraffes to chaos to drip.

Recess -> Stationery

Recess to childhood to recesses to proteins to paper towels to capillary action to ransom notes to paper to stationery.

Blizzard -> Tank

Blizzard to light to scattering to snow to sounds to thundersnow to heat to me to Bertrand Russell to tank.


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My name is Brendan Cole. I am a science communicator based near Boston, which is a fancy way to say that I’m some guy who really likes talking about physics.

Every week, I pick two random Pictionary words and connect them through whatever scientific thread I can conjure up in the moment. For more information about the blog, see this post.


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